Episode 11: The Day After The Sea-Bogan Massacre at Wanderland 1.0 with Jason


Family man, ex-mid north coast junior, current Pendle Hill Tigers player/coach and all-round Wanderers addict Jason Sylvester sits down in the noisy back bar of the Bavarian Bier Cafe to chew the fat and his Munich dog with Andrew in this, the eleventh episode of 'One on Wanderers'. Between sipping at his stein and nibbling on some chips and mayo, Andrew asks Jason some big questions, such as why Saba never got the respect that Shinji did, what it was like to be a Newcastle Breakers' fan in the dying days of the NSL, why Pepper Stadium and Campbelltown didn't get the nod for our home ground whilst Wanderland is rebuilt, and what is it like coaching a bunch of 6 year old kids. Jason gets grilled as per usual regarding the Speedy Seven, CEO for a day, the Wanderers issue of the podcast (our move to Homebush) and the Wanderers Mastermind Trivia Challenge. 

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