Episode 12: Daniel Jackson on the Day That Saw The Biggest Comeback Since Lazarus Was The Marquee for Jerusalem FC


It's back to the Bavarian in Parramatta for 'One on Wanderers', and Andrew has St Clair based WSW addict Daniel Jackson visit for a yarn, a bier and some memories of Mateo Poljak. There's a lot of ground to cover, including Daniel's grandfather's love of Newcastle back in the old dart, the away trip to Wrllington for the last round of the 2015/16 A-League season, the problem of Wanderers hats and fat heads, and a review of how well the Wanderers have traveled up to the semi. As always Andrew poses the Speedy Seven questions, asks Daniel what he would do if made CEO for the day, look back at some great games, and tackle the Wanderers Trivia Mastermind Challenge.

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