Episode 8: The Day After The Derby Draw with Cynthia


One on Wanderers heads west of its traditional Parramatta-based home of steins and pork knuckles in this podcast, heading out to Penrith to chat with Cynthia Rodriguez. Subbing as a last minute replacement for her Melbourne based brother in law, Cynthia helps Andrew learn more about her Maltese heritage and Melita Eagles, streaming Wanderers games at 5.00 am whilst holidaying in Buenos Aires, what it's like to bring a family including two under-18 children to Wanderers games, and her own unique take on the Sydney derby. It's another big episode where once again a member of the Western Sydney Wanderers community of supporters demonstrates the breadth and unique individuality of the club's membership, debunking the 'soccer hooligan' stereotypes propagated in the main stream media. There's also the 'Speedy Seven', 'What I Would Do If CEO' and another Wanderers Trivia Challenge. 

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