The One On Wanderers Story

This podcast is the result of two mutually inclusive passions that I've developed since becoming a foundation member of the Western Sydney Wanderers. Firstly, there are some wonderful (excuse the near-pun) people who I have met since 2012 through supporting the Wanderers, and whilst we all share a love for this relatively new but very successful A-League club, everyone has come to this attachment in different ways. Plus we all have differing takes on the Wanderers and our club membership experiences. Whilst mainstream media and some other podcasts may concentrate on the players, the administrators or others who readily sit in the limelight, I hope that by chatting one on one with ordinary fans, every day WSW members, these men and women get to tell their own stories.

Secondly, there is arguably nothing more consuming in my life (as indeed in many other Wanderers fans/members) than discussing all the issues focus on or surrounding the Wanderers. Whether it be the yellow press rantings of certain News Limited gossip mongerers, the 'Spanish revolution' in 2015/16, trying to resolve what is better...a Wanderdog or a pork knuckle, or any one of a myriad amount of topics, it can be great fun and rather informative talking with Wanderers fans and members. Hopefully this podcast gets to convey the depth and quality of these opinions, plus have a bit of fun as well.

You can find out more about The One On Wanderers host at his Wordpress blog, The Manfred Schaefer Files.

Thanks for stopping by, listening to the podcast and hopefully enjoying what's on offer.


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